Some Learnings from the IMC Conference JHB 2013

Here’s a list of a few takeaway points from the IMC Conference that I found really valuable.


Your integrated marketing strategy should be a living breathing document that should be able to change and adapt based on your audience and changing market place. Think ‘The Lean Startup’ of strategies.

Customers talking on social media about your brand have a part to play in its positioning. What they are saying is influencing their community’s perception of your brand so listen carefully and understand your brand through your customers.

Your brand story is not about what you do or what you sell. Your brand story is who you are and why you do what you do. People’s purchasing decisions are first made emotively and then post rationalised based on product function. So give people a reason to believe in your brand.

Social media should be part of your business imperative that everyone in your business is a part of. Your staff are your greatest evangelists. Win them over.

The client brief redefined by Cerebra:

  1. What are the stories you want to tell?
  2. Where should the storybook be?
  3. What reaction do we anticipate from people?
  4. How do we get people to tell their stories?
  5. How does that story now influence our business?

Purpose driven brands perform better than function or benefits driven brands.

Brand purpose should be defined in one word. For FNB it’s ‘help’, for Toyota it’s ‘reliability’ what’s yours?

The 3 steps from Joe Public

  1. Find purpose.
  2. Allow purpose to inspire every ounce of you.
  3. Maintain ruthless consistency in your work.

Authenticity is defined as the truthfulness of intentions. This is achieved through brand purpose clarity.

The Native mantra told by @SuhanaGordhan: Create purpose driven work that lives in people’s lives.

The definition and importance of brand purpose was definitely the main theme this year at the IMC