ADD-ON is really passionate about the work that UMUZI.ORG is doing. Umuzi’s mission is to help previously disadvantaged people, with a passion for creativity, develop their creative talent. The goal is to assist them in reaching a skill level where they become highly sought after by the creative industry.

Umuzi has grown rapidly over the past two years and they required a robust web presence that could disseminate all of their information and visually communicate their story.

Umuzi runs 3 brands and all of them had to have their own unique space on the website but at the same time needed to feel like part of the same organisation.

So we created 3 similar one-pager layouts for each brand and then customised their look and feel in order to clearly differentiate the brands.

The three Brands:

  1. Umuzi develops the next generation of creative professionals from ekasi.
  2. The Power Of 50: A one-year tertiary program that prepares young people from ekasi to join the creative economy.
  3. Umuzi Agency offers professional creative services to corporate clients and the creative industry.

Umuzi Mac ScreenPower Of 50 HomepageUmuzi Agency Homepage